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at JAB Jewelry Works

We specialize in fine jewelry. Period.

All of our services are completed in-house, so your precious possessions will be kept safe in our hands. Most of our work falls under one of the categories below. If you have any questions about a service you are looking for, please give us a call or check out our FAQ page!


Custom jewelry has many definitions in the current industry. When we talk about custom jewelry at JAB, we are referring to a project that starts from scratch. Our guaranteed 4-step process takes the idea from beginning to end with your involvement at every step. Starting with a Concept, you will then Create the piece with the help of our CAD designers. Once you Confirm that the design is exactly to your liking, our craftspeople finally Complete the piece. This process is used for custom pieces of all types – engagement rings, repurposed jewelry, perfectly fitted wedding bands, brilliantly colored gemstone jewelry, memorialization pieces – you name it, and we'll help you create it!


From minor to major repairs, you can always count on us to assist you with your service needs. We have the largest and best equipped in-house repair department in the Pittsburgh area. We work on any metal; platinum, gold, silver, or a combination. Some of our popular services include:

Expert evaluation and repair
Complimentary cleaning
Ring sizing
Expert diamond setting
Full spectrum metal working
Polishing of worn and damaged gems
Antique refurbishing
Eyeglass frame repair
And more!

If it can be fixed, we can fix it, just ask!

Appointments are not necessary for repairs, but please feel free to schedule a time for us to set aside just for you.


We can engrave on gold, silver, platinum, brass, stainless steel, and more. A variety of jewelry types can be engraved, including rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, earrings, watches, and cufflinks.

Engraving jewelry with meaningful messages, dates, or names can create a unique and sentimental piece that holds deep significance to the wearer.

Wedding bands are a popular choice for engraving, as are lockets or pendants that hold a special photo or message. Bracelets and bangles can also feature personalized engravings such as motivational quotes or the names of loved ones. Engraved watches and cufflinks can make for a thoughtful and personalized gift for a special occasion or loved one. There is almost no limits to the possibilities.


An appraisal is used to determine the value of an item in a given market and is usually needed to obtain insurance for loss or damage. We have certified experts in our showroom to provide you with an appraisal. The cost for appraisals is $150 for the first piece with $75 fee for each additional piece.

Appointments are not necessary; however, we would be happy to set aside time dedicated just to you.


Losing, damaging, or having a precious keepsake stolen can be devastating. Although we can never replace the sentiment and meaning behind your original jewelry piece, we can help you through the process of matching and duplicating exactly what you had. JAB Jewelry Works is uniquely qualified to reproduce any type of jewelry and replace any damaged or lost stones using state-of-the-art imaging technology and design expertise. Our team of professional designers, goldsmiths, and GIA Graduate Gemologists covers every aspect of the process to replace a cherished treasure, and it's all completed under one roof. We often deal directly with the insurance companies and act as your advocate to ensure you are totally satisfied with any jewelry replacement.


Our first response will always be to recycle your materials into a custom piece that you would love to wear and cherish, but we do realize there are times when you are ready to sell your jewelry. We will give an honest assessment of what you have and make an offer for you to consider, never with any pressure to sell. We buy all types of gold and platinum as well as diamonds. We are selective about what we purchase, but will even pay for smaller diamonds of high quality. Selling to another consumer via eBay, Craigslist and the like will almost always have a better return, but can be difficult, take time, and is not without risks. Commercial buyers are looking to resell and make a profit, sometimes at the wholesale level. We recommend researching your options in order to get a price you are comfortable with, and always working with someone you trust. Stop by for a free evaluation or book an appointment.


Permanent jewelry is a unique experience for anyone! Romantic partners, family members, best friends, or even just individuals! If you're looking for a fun way to express yourself or your connection with another person, permanent jewelry is perfect for you.

This is a painless process during which we will measure your chosen chain style to fit your wrist, then weld the two ends together to complete the loop. There is no clasp like a traditional bracelet or anklet, hence the name permanent jewelry!

Need a cleaning?

Cleaning and inspection are always free and always welcomed. Maintenance is crucial to prevent unanticipated damage to your jewelry, so we recommend bringing in your pieces about every 6 months to keep them shining and catch any potential problems early. Our trained professionals will clean the jewelry and inspect it to let you know if any repair work may be needed. Just stop by our showroom, no appointment necessary.

Looking for more TLC? For pieces that have extensive wear, our shop can perform polishing and refurbishing to return them to like-new condition. This qualifies as a repair job, and thus is accompanied by a fee. The decision to go beyond basic cleaning and inspection is always completely up to you. Our job is to inform you, not to decide for you.

Read more about proper jewelry maintenance here.

“Working with JAB is a pleasure!! Beyond the high quality and good pricing, they are extremely helpful in all aspects of the purchase. I've bought several items from them and will always go back. I highly recommend them to anyone. Just nice people :)”

– Tom B.